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How cola soft drinks erodes teeth

Above, there is a video ahowing the progress over the year.
Below are photos and text describing what happened during the year.

As a curious photographer, I decided to test how the phosphoric acid in cola soft drinks affects teeth. Non-cola soft drinks usually don't contain phosphoric acid. The phosphoric acid is also called E338.
Click here to see good description of the parts of a tooth.

I put the tooth in a small plastic cup with about 0,5 dl of cola.

This is how the original tooth looked before being put in cola. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a tooth for science. ;-)

After about 24 hours the tooth has become ligth brown. But no visible eroding effect from the acid.

After a week the enamel has started to disappear slightly where it was thin. The coloring in the cola has also made a big impact in the color of the root.

After one month, a big part of the enamel is gone. The roots are even darker and you can see small cracks on them. The acid hasn't as big eroding effect on the roots as it has on the enamel.

Close-up of the cracks.

45 days. Only the top of the enamel is still left. White spots are all over the tooth. I'm not sure what they are. They don't easily go off. Some hard mineral???

Close-up of a white spot around a crack.

After two months there is only a small bit of enamel left on the top.
Light brown blemishes has started to develop.

Close-up of the blemishes on the root.

After three months, all enamel is gone.

After six months.

After twelwe months.

About a month later when the tooth has dried up and shrunk a bit in size.

/Stefan Sollfors
About this experiment:
I have put an old wisdom tooth of mine in a small plastic cup of cola. The cup contains about 0,5 dl of cola. I changed the cola every morning and evening, so 1,5 litres of cola lasts for about two weeks.
I photographed the tooth at certain intervals (week, month etc).

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